The Summer Watermelon Frosé is the quintessential cocktail for all summer activities.

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We Love Suggestions From Our Thirsty Tribe!

Here at Thirsty headquarters we strive to quench your thirst with the most amazing cocktails. We often get inspiration from our viewers. This cocktail was inspired by one of our Thirsty Tribe members. She’s a Ciroc Summer Watermelon lover who goes by @Stef._k on instagram. When we asked our instagram followers what kind of cocktails they wanted to see us make, she slid in our DM with her suggestions: Something with Ciroc Summer Watermelon or Rose. We took that and ran with it. Thank you Stefanie for inspiring us to make this delicious cocktail!

“Rosé & Watermelon’s Love-child”

Imagine the standard rosé you already know and love fell passionately head over heels with the juiciest most mouthwatering fruit known to man: the watermelon. Their lovechild would be the Watermelon Frosé. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then you my friend are broken. Frosé has been THE go-to summer cocktail for years, it was created the summer of ’06 by Justin Sievers at Bar Primi NYC. So we asked ourselves, how can we make the classic Frosé that much better? Add frozen watermelon and Ciroc Summer Watermelon and you have yourself the most thirst- quenching summer cocktail.

  • 2 ounces Rosé wine. You can pick something that is relatively inexpensive.
  • 2 ounces Ciroc Summer Watermelon. This is a must
  • 1 ounce grenadine. This ingredient will sweeten it up and give it a delightful pink color.
  • cup frozen watermelon. Pro tip: when picking your watermelon find the field spot of the watermelon. The field spot is a creamy spot on the outside, and it’s where the watermelon was resting on the ground. The field spot should be a yellowish creamy color.
  • Garnish with watermelon slice.
  1. Place cubed watermelon in the freezer over night.
  2. Place all ingredients into a blender (we like to use a NutriBullet) and blend until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately and garnish with a watermelon slice

Thirsty tip: Add more frozen watermelon if you want a thicker consistency.


  • Try a flavored vodka: Try lemon or lime flavored vodka if you like your cocktails with a hint of citrus. There are so many diff erent fruity fl avors out there that would compliment this cocktail. The world is your oyster.
  • Add mint. Mint goes hand in hand with fruit and if this cocktail couldn’t get anymore refreshing adding mint would take it to the next level.


  • If you’re not a fan of grenadine then you could use a few alternative sweeteners such as simple syrup or any other syrup that tickles your fancy. A strawberry syrup would be an amazing substitution and also give more of that beautiful pink color.
  • No frozen watermelon? That’s OK, use ice as a substitution for frozen watermelon.
  • If squeezing lemons is impractical for your purposes, consider using high-quality juices from Cocktail Artist.

When to Serve Summer Watermelon Frosé

  • Warm weather/outdoor activities: Whether you’re sitting poolside, grilling, or just sitting in your cozy balcony.
  • With its rosy shade this is the perfect cocktail for bachelorettes, bridal parties, or a night in with your besties.

What to Serve with Summer Watermelon Frosé

Barbecue food. This Watermelon Frosé goes great with whatever you throw on the grill.

• Pancakes, breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict, etc.. you get it, all things brunch.

As always, remember to enjoy responsibly.

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