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The Berry Boozy Lemonade is a perfectly refreshing cocktail to be enjoyed all through spring and summer!

A Thirsty Bartender’s Original Recipe

This cocktail was crafted by our own Thirsty Bartender, Vianca Arias during the 2020 quarantine. She hosts a live show every Sunday on Instagram called “Brunch With Vee!” So, she is always looking for recipes that suit the vibe for a lovely Sunday Brunch with your friends.

Before the quarantine, Vianca worked as a bartender in Miami. The good old fashioned lemonade is the most popular drink requested by many of her fellow coworkers. Every shift she would craft different variations of a lemonade. Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, you name it! Remembering all the times she made fresh lemonade for her coworkers, she came up with a new and improved boozy recipe! Thus, the Berry Boozy Lemonade was born.

  • 1½ ounce citron vodka. We used Absolut Cintron, but any brand of citron vodka will do.
  • 1 ounce simple syrup. This is our go to sweetener.
  • ¾ ounce lemon juice. We love fresh citrus! Pro tip: when choosing lemons or limes, heavier fruits with thinner skins that give a little when squeezed will yield more juice.
  • 2 ounces club soda
  • 1 strawberry
  • 2 raspberries
  • 2 blackberries
  • Lemon wheel garnish
  1. Muddle all the berries in a shaker tin.
  2. Add lemon juice, simple syrup, and citron vodka to the tin with ice.
  3. Shake for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Strain into a highball over ice. For a clean seed-free cocktail, we recommend to double strain this through a fine mesh strainer.
  5. Top with club soda.
  6. Garnish with a lemon wheel.


We love cocktails that people can really customize to make it their own. The possibilities for this boozy lemonade are endless!

  • Switch up the vodka: There are so many different flavors of vodka out there! Think of your favorite flavor and I’m sure there’s a bottle of said flavored vodka out there somewhere on a shelf waiting for you to pick it up! Try switching up the flavor with orange, berry, lime, or whatever flavored vodka you find!
  • Different berries: Any berry you fancy will work with this recipe! Try mixing and matching whatever berries you like best!


  • If flavored vodka isn’t available, try it with a regular non-flavored vodka.
  • Use flat water if you don’t have any soda water available.
  • If squeezing lemons is impractical for your purposes, consider using high-quality mixes from Cocktail Artist.
  • Alternative sweeteners such as agave nectar or honey may be used instead of simple syrup.

When to Serve a Berry Boozy Lemonade

The versatile Berry Boozy Lemonade is appropriate for pretty much any occasion.

  • Hosting parties: This is a cocktail that is easy to pre-batch for any event. Make it in a big punch bowl or pitcher and throw in some extra berry garnishes to wow your friends.
  • Warm weather/outdoor activities: Whether you’re sitting poolside, boating, grilling, or just sitting on the porch.

What to Serve with a Berry Boozy Lemonade

  • Breakfast and brunch foods, because of course it does.
  • Barbecue. This refreshing cocktail will compliment and grilled foods.

This light and refreshing cocktail is so easy going down. As always, remember to enjoy responsibly. 

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